Garmin Zumo 220 Where to? Address

Hello guys,

I’m completely new on Garmin and OSM. Awesome maps though! Unfortunately I got some problems with finding cities and streets in Denmark. There are some shown, but I guess only the “big/giant” cities.

I downloaded Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark from and I have tried to create my “own” map by selecting the tiles. I downloaded the .IMG file (which was packed in by .zip), after that I put the img file into my microSD card (32gb) in the folder called “Map”. Powered on the garmin device and selected the correct map and tried to go to the following: Where To? → Address → Change country → “D” → Done → Selected Denmark and De (tried both) → spell city → L → and only 9 cities appear which starts with the letter L. Denmark has way more than 9 cities starting with the letter “L”.

The strange thing about this is in my opinion, when I go to view map, and go to Denmark, the map is very detailed and all the other cities I was looking for are shown in de map. When I make a route in Basecamp and then import the route on the Garmin, there will be no struggle. But then when I need the GPS I will always need to carry my notebook with me. That will really be a pain in a place where the sunlight doesn’t shine.

Just to be clear and understandable, I only have this issue with the map of Denmark, the map of The Netherland or Germany doesn’t have these problems. The main reason why I would like to use OSM is the details, OSM offers way better details in my opinion. Furthermore the maps of OSM are mostly always up-to-date, very handy when planning a long distance trip. OSM has more to offer in my opinion, so I would really appreciate every single piece of help who could lead to a solution :D.

Help will be very appreciated


Forget to mention, I also tried the following things:

  • Update device by basecamp
  • Hard reset (followed procedure by Garmin)

I dont know the Zumo nor the reason why it fails in Denmark. You could try to download the pc version instead and send the tiles to your device with Basecamp’s Mapinstall. This creates a better search index.
You could also post your question on the Dutch there are more Zumo users who can give advice.

Thanks ligfietser! I’ll try to use the basecamp installer. I’ll keep you posted

Another reason why many places are not found, is how the address data of Denmark is mapped.
Just look at this random example,
Garmin looks at the addr:city tag, addr:city = Vamdrup which is different than the village on the map.

You might get better results if you use the place search instead of using the address search (if this is available on your Zumo)?

Thanks a lot ligfietser! This tip by searching by city fixed the problem, do you know if it’s possible to search the desteny address afterwards? You really helped me out, really appreciate it!

Depends on how your Zumo works, you can search on some devices on nearby addresses without entering the city field.
So if you only know the streetname and number but not exactly in which place. Otherwise I don’t know how to do that.

Ah oké, thanks a lot! Will try it out soon. Thuis topic could be closed.