Garmin training center

I have no problem installing the OSM map in my Garmin edge 705. But when I transfer the data to the Garmin Training Center software, I still see the basemap instead of the OSM map. I have tried placing the OSM map in the Garmin directory of the computer but that did not work. How can I install the OSM map in the Training Center software?

Have you tried installing Mapsource? I dont know if osm maps can be displayed in the training center software.

I haven’t tried this, but I understand that if you have Training Center and are using Windows, you can upgrade it to MapSource.

If you are running Win7 MapSource has stability issues, and runs out of memory about every 5 minutes. BaseCamp is much more stable, runs out of memory about every 15 minutes. It is available as a free download from Garmin.

I have installed map source and I have used the automatic installer at . The installer generates the required tdb file and makes the registry changes.

Now I can see the OSM street map in Training Center.