Garmin tracks deleted after 5 days

I keep having a problem when I go away on long trips where my Nuvi 1300 seems to delete any tracks I recorded more than 5 days ago. I have lost a huge amount of data which really irritates me. Is the any way to stop it doing this?

You mean this?:{2d032360-0b6f-11df-d168-000000000000}

I see. Its 500 points then it starts dropping the oldest. The problem is that I don’t take any mobile computer with me on the long trips so I want to be able to copy all point to a gpx file only when I get home and I would have more than 500 points by then. I take it from the article that there is no way to change this behaviour?

Garmin handhelds hold 10,000 track points and can archive tracks to internal flash memory.

On longer trips, I go to internet cafes and send some tracks home by email (though the capacity of my Oregon is big enough for more than a whole month - the device could get “lost”…).

Look for directory \GPX\Archives, nuvi can save old tracks there.

But only if you tell him to do so, or always?


Always, at least nuvis that I was using.

When using a Nüvi to record tracks, remember to not use any tracks saved while “snapping” to the existing map in your GPS device.

Another way of saving tracks with the Nüvi devices is to save the raw GPS data, this certainly avoids the risk of “snapping”:
How to: