Garmin Streetpilot 3

An acquaintance of mine mentioned having a used Garmin Streetpilot 3 for sale.
Now: I have never used a GPS before, but I would be willing to buy one for OSM use. Does anyone know if this model could be used for making GPS tracks for OSM?

The streetpilot is not listed on the osm garmin page but it will be a fine GPS judging by its features depending on the price and your intended use. The device is intended for motorcycle or motorcar use. From what I can find on Google, the streetpilot has a 10.000 point active tracklog and perhaps logging to SD-card which is the most practical option.

If you just want a GPS for tracking then a sub 100 Euro tracker might be a better option (cheaper, lighter, smaller), but if you’re going to use it for navigation as well then the streetpilot is fine.

Not really into GPS in general - having a bicycle and living centrally, being mostly on foot - intended to use it just for OSM.