Garmin Routing Options [mkgmap]

In the Garmin GPS (in my case Etrex Legend HCX) there are several options for
routing. How are they mapped to mkgmap/OSM features?

Here my guesses:

Calculate Routes for:

Car → motorcar
Truck → hgv (?)
Bus → psv (?)
Emergency (???)
Taxi → taxi
Delivery → psv (?)
Pedestrian → foot
Bicycle → bicycle


Toll Roads → toll=yes
Highways → (road classes 3&4 ??)
Unpaved Roads → (??)
Carpool Lanes → (??)


This is the mapping:


motorcar/motorcycle → Car/Motorcycle
foot → Pedestrian
bicycle → Bicycle
taxi → Taxi
psv → Bus
goods/delivery->Delivery and Truck
access->(applies to everything)

Older versions of mkgmap have the emergency and delivery flags switched.
This was fixed in V1136.

Avoid options:


Toll Roads → toll=yes
Highways → Road classes 3 and 4


Just tested some routing-options on my etrex legend HCx and see that it won’t avoid unpaved roads. I use this in the profile of an “emergency” vehicle.
The car I drive can’t handle dirt-roads. So I wouldn’t like to be routed to them :wink:
Yes, I can use the profile meant for emergency vehicles. :wink:
The roads are tagged “type=track” and “tracktype=grade4” and the garmin does see it as “unpaved road”…
Bug on Garmins part?

Dunno. If there is an emergency then you very well might want to use those dirt roads…

Not without 4x4 :wink: :roll_eyes:

Not necessarily, it could be that you’d need a 4x4 on tracks in wet or mountainous areas, but there’s a nature reserve nearby which has many tracks that could be easily navigated with a normal road-going car even if the track is overgrown with grass and no surface hardener is added. You’re not allowed to, but that’s a different story…

This has been decoded recently.

Unpaved Roads → mkgmap:unpaved=yes
Carpool Lanes → carpool=yes
Ferry Routes → mkgmap:ferry=yes

Must be mapped via style file.


As of r1425, the mkgmap default style adds mkgmap:unpaved and mkgmap:ferry attributes based on surface=, highway= and route=ferry.


New proposal!