Garmin OSM maps for Fenix, Tactix, etc

Garmin is expanding it’s line of GPS-enabled wristwatches; Fenix, Tactix, D2, Quatix, etc. These watches can display .img files downloaded from, but they have very limited file storage capacity (20mb max).

Is there any way to limit what goes into an .img file so it has just basic mapping capabilities? Remove routing information, enhanced display information, POI information, etc? That way more map information can be squeezed into the 20mb storage.

— Steve

Yes, please try my maps:

Hi popej - I downloaded the set of North American maps and the appear to be very suitable for devices with minimal storage space like the Fenix or Tactix. Thank you very much for making them available.

I was wondering if it would add too much additional data if you included just the street names in the map files you create. I would like to replace my 62cs with a Tactix when I travel to cities for business and not holiday. Having the streets outlines on a wristwatch will be beneficial, but also having the street names would greatly increase the usefulness of the maps. Have you tried including the street names? Is it even possible?

Thanks again for making your original set of maps publicly available,
— Steve

Fenix doesn’t display street names. I can’t verify with latest firmware, but probably nothing has changed.

That’s interesting to know. When I receive my Tactix I’ll load maps created from different sources and report my findings.

— Steve

Hello Steve. Would be possible to share some experience with tactix? I have european version and I would like to try small change based on US version. Tomas

Hi Joxtul,

What did you have in mind? I received my Tactix a few weeks ago but have not had much opportunity to use it.

— Steve

I just got the garmin tactix and i downloaded the maps that was displayed here, installed them in basemap and all seems to work but when i try to start the maps in the watch its simply isnt there, just the standard maps, am i missing something? the files is on the watch and all…

How did you put the file on the fenix? With MapInstall (that’s how it should be done)? In that case it is necessary to rename the file to gmapsupp.img

i missed that it was supposed to be 2 p in gmapsupp.img, now it works lite a charm! thanks!!:lol:

Hey Guys!

As a complete newbie to the world of osm and garmin i am really thankful for your hints regarding popeye’s maps!

Although I can’t get them working on my tactix which i bought couple of days ago.
I followed popeye’s instructions on gmaptool and those in this thread but i can’t get it working.
I tried basecamp and mapsource to install the map.
I always get a gmapsupp.img in the watch’s folder with the right date of changes made. But i never have a map displayed on the tactix. I tried so many times to make sure i don’ bother yiu guys without a reason.
But I’m kind of desperate right now.
The Firmware I’m using is 4.0. I also can’t install 4.5 for some unknown reason because it always says the update file is damaged.

I hope you can help me!

Greetz from Germany!

This is most common cause of problems is Windows hiding file extensions. Visible extensions can be enabled in folder options, see:

If system hides file extensions then you can easily create a file with double extension, like gmapsupp.img.img, which won’t be recognized by fenix watches.

I realize this is way old, i have a fenix 3 and am trying to load these maps on to it.
I created an .img map and named it this:gmapsupp.img rebooted, no go.
has anyone tried with the fenix 3?

The fenix 3 doesn’t support maps, even not unofficially.