- Contour lines on the map?

I’d like to use opentopomap on my garmin device for my mountain trips.
The thing is, the quality of the maps on is very good, but when I download the map from, the map is very very basic, lacking even contour lines.

Let’s take the Matterhorn for example. Here’s what it looks like on

And what it looks like downloaded from, opened in Basecamp application:

My 2 questions:

  1. How to get contour lines on garmin map? On it says “Contour lines as optional layer”, but I don’t know how to enable it.

  2. Is it possible to get better quality for garmin (similar to the real opentopomap)?
    I know that it has to fit limited devices memory, but for my trips I prefer to have small area in good quality, than big area in bad quality.
    The maps for garmin are so simple it doesn’t even make sense to buy device with color screen…

Thanks for your help!

Hear hear. I have the identical experience.

…but what’s the answer to reproducing the online maps in Basecamp?

I presume that each country package comes with 2 garmin maps:

  • the main OSM-based map
  • a transparent contour map

AFAIK Basecamp & Mapsource only show one map at a time.

If you load both maps on your Garmin the contours should be visible because it is an overlay over the basemap.

Hi guys,

did you manage to load the layer with contour lines?

I’m having the exact same issue

Br Torben

to have maps with contourlines for Basecamp, I combine the map with the contourlines with gmaptool


thanx Opasto - can you elaborate a bit? I downloaded the Norway map here:

But how do I get the map with the contourlines? Or am I missing something here?

Br Torben

I did download contour lines + opentopomap turkey. they both shown on basecamp separately.
1- how to see two maps together?
2- I tried gmapstool to combine OpenTopoMap & contours turkey but failed !


You don’t need to combine them, the contour layer is transparent and has higher vertical priority than plain map layer, so just put both maps on the device and enable them.

I create a map for my area using OSM .img I get from bbbike and I combine it with contour lines every 10 meters. I generated the contour lines a while ago, but I think I got them from (.hgt), and convert them to .img. Then I join them (using gmaptool) with the .img from bbbike. It is possible to get contour lines from bbikes too but they are every 40 m. (

Did not know about this map! Nice looking one, but it really seems there are a lot of data cut out of from how it looks like on the web versus what gets put into the img file.
First things I noticed and that are a major downside against using this map is that intermittent waterways and even some non-intermittent are not rendered - like ditches. Also addresses and isolated dwellings not there.

You can download the style and TYP file from GitHub and using mkgmap create your own OPENTopo look alike maps with contours.

It will look more or less like the OpenTopo Maps maps , provided …

you change the draworder of 0x4b and set it to ‘none’!

This won’t be useful if you’re not used to mkgmap but it is a solution