Garmin Nüvi 3790 OSM USA Country Select/Adress Search

Hey there first a shoutout to everyone who contributes to these maps. I think its great that you put so much effort into providing free maps to people around the world :slight_smile:

However I got the following problem:

I got myself a Garmin Nüvi 3790 and will be going on a trip to the USA (living in germany) next week. Now since I only got Europe Maps on my GPS device I wanted to get the USA maps for New Jersey onto my device. So far I tried two versions which say they are routable:

  • a 2gb file containing most of the east USA (don’t remember where exactly I got that one but it looked similar to Lambertus place)
  • a New Jersey tile set from

Anyways both maps show fine when I zoom onto them in the world map and I can see all the roads. BUT I cannot search for an address in the US since I cannot set my country to US. I can only select european countries from the country selection. And if I deactivate all maps but the OSM maps then my Garmin Device tells me “No map data available” when I select the address search.

I also tried searching for a city first (it finds new york allright) but then I can’t enter a street name afterwards since it only allows me to “Go” then.

Any help would be appreciated ^^

AFAIK street searching is still not working 100% in the OSM Garmin maps. Have you read the sticky topic about street searching? You could try turning the GPS receiver off (aka demo mode), then set your location to somewhere on the OSM map. If I remember correctly I read that you can’t search if your current location is not on the map.