Garmin Maps For Vehicles

Hello Everyone,

My multi-million question all this while is this: How can I upload a map onto a Toyota 4runner or any vehicle with a GPS Navigation system.

The file format for the map on the vehicle(Toyota 4runner) is .BMP. Is it possible for me to convert the img(open street map) to BMP so that I could use this map for my vehicle.?

I will appreciate your responses.

Thank you.

I think this is very unlikely unless the Toyota GPS device was produced by Garmin.
In that case it might understand the Garmin img format, else it probably needs very different information and it would be better to create
a program like mkgmap [1] for the Toyota format. Do you have documentation for the Toyota format or maybe a freeware program that can open the file and display the content like MapSource does for the img format?