Garmin maps for hiking and mountain biking


I absolutely love the OSM maps that Lambertus has created for Garmin. However, these maps seem to be targeted to street navigation or street bike navigation.

Does anyone know if it is possible to modify the style for hiking or mountain bike use?

The main change I would like to see is differentiating between designated paths, paths, and the five tracktypes (grade 1 through 5). Today all of these OSM object types render the same. Openfietsmap renders all the trails, paths, and tracks as the same.

For a hiker or mountain biker, this makes the map of little use because they don’t know if they will be on an official trail, an unofficial trail, or a forest road. To a hiker or biker, this is very important. It is also important to be able to tell whether the forest road is going to be a wide gravel road, or an overgrown double track.



Take a look at for mountain bike specific Garmin maps. A list of Garmin compatible maps can be found here: