Garmin maps for Croatia and few other countries

Some time ago I started creating daily maps of Croatia for personal use to know what is mapped and what still needs to be.
Some croatian mappers asked to get those maps too, so I started uploading them.
Then some asked for more countries they visit, and then one more, and one more …
So finaly I have a list of 11 countries by request, and some larger areas as combination of few countries.

Until now I didn’t have time to explore how to make maps that automatically install in mapsource/basecamp, but am wondering how to do it.
All maps are generated on linux machines by bash scripts, from daily extracts made by replicating planet.

Now people started asking for automatic installers.
Could you point me to some place where to read more about it.

Hrvoje Bogner

I suppose you use mkgmap? You can give it the option --nsis to create an nsi file. With nsis you can create an installer for Mapsource or Basecamp (windows). To create a version that works both on Mac and Windows computers you can also convert the img and index tiles into gmap format, this can be done with Javawa’s Mapconverter.

BTW Basecamp users can already use the gmapsupp.img if this image file is on a GPS connected with the computer or SD cardreader.

Yes, I’m using mkgmap and splitter combination, and will look into nsis, but does it all work under linux cli where the maps are generated?
On my Mapsource setup I used to fix the registry and it work fine, and map update needs only downloading new gmapsupp.img over the one in the folder.
There is cli version of JaVaWA and will look into it.
Thanks for the pointers.

Yes it works under linux and creates a Windows installer. On Fedora/Centos the package name is “mingw32-nsis”. On other systems
it has an easier to guess name if I remember.