Garmin Map Redering Questions

I am trying to create some maps of my local area for a Garmin 705. I am using GroundTruth-1.8.740.17 to download the data and create the map. The commands that I am using are:

groundtruth getdata --bu=“
groundtruth makemap --cgp=“C:\Program Files\cGPSmapper”

I am using GPSMapEdit to preview the generated map. My goal is to have the generated map look just like it does when the URL is viewed at OSM. The map that is generated seems to have all of the streets, but the streets are red dashed lines, the airport is missing and it has none of the coloring of the web site.

I tried a few searches on this forum, but did not seem to find any related posts. What needs to be done to get the map colored? Is it all in the rendering rules?

Thank you!


Yes, it’s all in the rendering rules. BUT: I do not recommend trying to recreate for Garmins the same map style as that of OSM web maps. Something that looks good (and visible) on a large 32bit color monitor will not necessarily look good on a small Garmin screen. Also, OSM web map has way too much content which you don’t really have a need for on a handheld unit.

My suggestion is to create a map for your needs (hiking, cycling, car navigation) which only contains the important stuff. If you’re not satisfied with the existing rendering rules, copy them and adjust your copy to what you want to see.

Thank you Breki! I will spend some time comparing the default GroundTruth (GT) rendering rules and the GT Manual to get a feel for controlling the map objects.



I don’t know the 705 but if you want UK/Ireland maps have you tried Talkytoasters OSM downloads - they work a treat in an Oregon so may be of use to you.

Thanks for the link! TalkyToasters does have a link compatible with the Edge 705. The maps at TalkyToaster look great and are like what I am trying to create for my area on the California, USA, coast. Do you know what tools were used to create these maps?

Sorry donclary I don’t.
Send Talkytoaster an email he’s very approachable - address at foot of his webpage.

I’ll contact TalkyToaster. I decided to approach the problem from a different angle and opened my output.osm file in JOSM. Much to my surprise, the airport boundry and apron polygons are present, but not the runways. It seems that my original link (" is not downloading all of the data. I tried adding “TTT” and “FTF” to try and activate overlay layers, but there was no change in the data.

How do I get the airport, and probably other missing features, to download?

Thank you!