Garmin map of South-East-Asia

Update using Geofabrik extract of 18 Nov 2018:
(About 2 GB)

My Garmin map of South-East-Asia covers the area from 94°-109°E and 0°to 23°N, i.e. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, continental Malaysia, and some parts of Myanmar and the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
I optimized it for my use on bicycle in “nowhere”.

Some features:
Elavation contour lines and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) allow for estimating ascents.

Road network
I do not care much about administrative classification, usability is the main concern.
As a cyclist, I must not use motorways - they are not at all routable (also other roads closed for cyclist are not routable). Minor paved roads are preferred for routing.
Any path which can be used by bicycle (or motorbike) is shown as a cycleway, and is routable. Other pathes are not routable.
Minor roads (unclassified, residential, service) are not differentiated.
I try to detect “trunk-like” roads and render them as trunks, but some of them are missed. Some other “re-classification” can occur.
With unpaved roads, I differentiate between minor (up to tertiary) and major (secondary and beyond) roads.
Tracks have 5 categories. First criterion is “smoothness”; if that is not given, “surface”; and if that’s not available either, “tracktype” (and if none is available, it’s an “intermediate track”. Almost all tracks on this map fall into this category).
“highway=road” and FB imports are shown in a different style (“badly mapped”), treated as unpaved minor toll roads.

Points of Interest
I added extra overlays for any type of accommodation and for tourist attractions which can be shown well before resolution 24 (you may use a different setting in the type file for the original code number, but Garmin won’t obey your wish).
Some POIs might not align up with the POI search menu: on my device, I also changed the language file accordingly. So some types of restaurant are likely misplaced in the search menu, and some kinds of shops.

I know the map is far from perfect (contour lines / DEM is a new feature), but perhaps you can have some fun when playing with it.

Hi Bernhard,

Very interesting. Is there any way to break this into smaller tiles?

Hi Tom,
thanks for your comment.
What do you mean with “smaller tiles”? A map per country?
Here I decided for a map covering the complete region, thus allowing for routing over the border also: sometimes I travel into neighboring countries, and next December I will visit both Thailand and Laos.