Garmin map from OSM does not open in the Garmin unit

A few days ago, I downloaded from OSM a new version of the Garmin map for Poland (pre-defined generic routable file, no TYP file) and it does not open in my Garmin Oregon 450, as the earlier version used to. I can see the prepared track but no map. The map is included, however, in the list of maps in the unit and is enabled. Are there currently some problems with map compilation or is it something else?


from where did you download? Guess: from ?

Yes, I have downloaded from
I am sorry this question has been crossposted - I find it difficult to navigate in the forum.

There have been problems with the map compilation at that site for some time.
I noticed there was a map update on the 15 Nov but one of the servers appears to be down so that may affect some products I guess. See the info just below the map.
I was able to produce a gmapsupp file and a macosx gmap file ok a couple of days ago by using the manual select method to select the area i needed. At that time the queue on the first listed server was over 900 requests but today it is over 1300 i think, but the map i requested came back quite quickly, so you may be in luck.
There are other Garmin map producers you could use instead if you have no success.
There are quite a few recent related queries in the ‘Garmin maps’ sub forum on this site.

Did you delete the old map from your gps as you should only have one map of the same type on the unit i think. If using a mac you may need to empty the trash too.

Thank you, NEVW, for your advice. I will try the other site.
Yes, I have deleted the old map (unfortunately, since I don’t even have the old map that did function). This used to be enough for the new map to open.
I am using a PC but the problem occurs only in the Garmin unit. The map installer file for BaseCamp (which is not the same as the mapsupp file) seems to function well.