Garmin error message

Hi. I am new here and very confused. I have followed the instructions to download maps of southern Portugal (two sections) and have run the dot exe to install them.

I must have done something wrong even in that simple process because I have all of Europe sitting in the top of the Garmin directory.

There is a file there called Mapinstall dot exe which I try to run. I get a Garmin error message saying there is a problem with the Garmin application and would I like to send an email to Garmin about it.

I chose not to and thought i’d ask here first if there is something I’m missing that I should be doing.

Apologies if this is not much to go on but I don’t know what’s important and what’s not yet.


Usually this is a result of not installing the maps properly. Your best bet is to uninstall the maps and try again.

Well, that was a quick fix. Thanks.:smiley: