Garmin E-Trex20, How do I download Maps to it on m-SD card?

Can someone walk me through downloading to my E-Trex20, step-by-step ??? Am a NEWbie. …watched on UTUBE, but he’s using an Apple-small screen and does not explain in enough detail.

There are so many questions here!

You have told us have very little about your situation except for your GPS itself.

Try again with more information?

  1. Do you know how to use a computer?
  2. What kinds of computers do you know how to use?
  3. What kind(s) of computers do you have which you propose to do this operations?
  4. Which Youtube video did you watch?
  5. Do you have already an appropriate Garminmapset?
  6. Do you know how to use Garmin MapSource or BaseCap programs?
  7. Do have either or both of the aforementioned programs?
  8. Do you know how either or both of the aforementioned programs?
  9. Are you asking about how to buy a Garmin mapset from Garmin? (If so, this is not an appropriate forum.)
  10. Are you asking about how to buy a Garmin mapset from some other source of mapsets. (If so, this is not an appropriate forum.)
  11. Are you asking about to get free pre-built or built in a standard way Garmin mapsets? If so, pointers to such can be given.
  12. Are you asking about how to build Garmin mapset yourself? This forum is a good place to ask those question.
    a) What is wrong with the pre-built Garmin maps?
    b) What computer resources are needed to build a custom Garmin mapset.
  13. Are you asking how to install a non-Garmin provided Garmin mapset into MapSource.

… and so forth.

If you are asking how to get a selection of map tiles (small map pieces) in to the SD card and you already have the Garmin mapset installed into either MapSource or BaseCamp, then follow the program’s instructions. That process is quite simple. Select the mapset, select the desired tiles. Put the SD card into a USB SD card reader. Plug the USB card reader into a USB port. Click “download to device”. After a short period of (less two minutes and usually under fifteen seconds), the USB carder will appear as download target in the selection list. Start the download. Wait for the download to complete (a full 2GB gmapsupp.img can take several hours on a slow computer, a slow SD card and in a slow USB port).

If you get a pre-built gmapsupp.img, then use normal file copy processes to put it onto to the SDE card in a top-level



To get a free built for you Garmin gsuppmap.img, one possible source is Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices in one of two preselected styles.

Some of the answers to these help questions might be useful: . That points to this online guide: , which takes things a step at a time.

As yo mention, there are probably also lots of “how to” videos on YouTube - if you link to the one that you were watching and explain the point at which things got confusing then we may be able to explain a bit more.