Garmin 64s – Which Format?

I require assistance getting a map similar to the “Generic Routable (new style)” I could have gotten before from for the province of Newfoundland in Canada.

My first attempt resulted in an error on my GPS: “Can’t authenticate maps. Contact content Seller for help”.

Here is what I did:
Area: ‘Newfoundland, Canada’ covers 6,055 square km
Coordinates: -53.06,47.251 x -51.775,47.816
Format: Garmin OSM (UTF-8)

When the download was ready I saved gmapsupp.img to my Garmin 64s.

From reading your forum I understand (UTF-8) will not work on my Garmin 64s.

Could someone please advise as to what format will work to give me English maps that are automobile routable?

Thank you.

In the selection criteria, did you get an option to select “Garmin OSM (latin1)” as an alternative to “Garmin OSM (UTF-8)”?

Your question might reach more Garmin-y eyeballs on the Garmin sub-forum. You might even find a ready-made answer there. Good luck.

In the thread “Worldwide routable Garmin maps” read the last entry there from BBBike - you need the Latin-1 format.