Game that uses OSM data: "Bucketan-coloring your city"

Hello everybody.
I am developing a game that uses OpenStreetMap data.
The game is now in a puplic beta state. [edit: The game is now oficially released for Android and iOS]
Everybody who is interested and has an android [edit: or iOS] device can download and test the game.
I think I did all the legalities right to use the OSM data, but I would be very happy if somebody could confirm this.

If this game gets more attention it will also drive more attention to OSM, I think.
The player can play where he is in this moment and if he finds some errors in the map he maybe will fix it.
I did not make the game dependend of special map features or types of roads, to avoid people mapping wrong just for success in the game.

I would be happy to hear what you people think about the idea, the game and if I have to change something to stay legal.

Here you can see some ingame footage:

This is the link to the game in the playstore:

Here is the App Store link:

This is my facebook fanpage (just for the case, somebody likes it :wink: :


edit: I created a wiki page:

It looks quite interesting! :slight_smile:

Thank you Linhares.
I hope that you could try it (seems not working on some devices) and that you were not disappointed :slight_smile:

What about creating an entry in the OSM wiki at the Games page?

You can even create a wiki page for your software itself. If so, have a look at the wiki pages about other software or apps … there is a wiki template that you can use to show a software information box on each software page, and it makes your app appear at

Thank you stephan75 for this information. I created a wiki page that can be found here

For those who dont have time or an android phone, here is a little video that show the game and how to play it:

BucketMan was mentioned at this week’s OSM Weekly Summary:

Wow, thanks a lot!
I am working on an update right now that will include a todo list (raodmap) into the game, where you can read what will be the next steps and how I want the game to be in future.
I will update this post when I updated the game, what will propably be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I put an update for the game to the playstore.
I included some more notifications of OSM into it (thanks to the tips of Tobias) and improved some other things, too.

Give it (another) try, its free :slight_smile:

I updated the game in the playstore with an easter special!

The new update brings new missions, new sidemissions, one new skill and a new feature to the game.
With this new missions the game has now a real end and the survival mode is also more challenging and fun.

The easter special includes the new feature “presents” for free (until 24.4.2014)
This means that you get EVERY new stage a present that you can collect and you will get up to 40 water, 40 paints, 40 seconds or 4 lifes!

I fixed various other little bugs and I also reduced the amount of advertisment in the game.
Give it a try!
Download or update the game now for free:

p.s. I also updated the Icon, now with a map in the background. What do you think?

I loade a new update to the playstore today. The easter special now lasts until the end of april.

But more important may be the new map that I included into the random maps list, that lets you play (almost) in the White House :wink:

GIve it a try, (there are only 8 random maps in this list until now, so the cances are quite high to get this map within 5 trials :wink:

Also, If anybody has an idea or a cool map that should be in this list, I would be happy to hear about …


Another update!
Now the game has german and portuguese language!
I also could fix a problem and now the game runs on ALL android devices. (I hope)

Fixed other small problems and reduced the number of AIVs in mission 12, now it should be possible for everybody to pass this level…

Give it a try, its still free :slight_smile:

oh, and for those that want to be more up to date, follow me on twitter :wink: @bucketmangame


New update in the playstore!
-small beauty fixes
-Changed the sidemission description of sidemission 3
-Some language corrections
-The advertisment comes now later and less frequently
-Bugfix of a Bug that occured in high stages sometimes
-Some more little bugfixes

full release notes can be found ingame, go give it a try!

Felix (Twitter: @bucketmangame)

Hello again!
Another update in the playstore! (1.15)

The thing that took the most time was including the storyline.
Now the game makes sense! I hope.

The thing most interesting regarding OSM might be the new “show map in OSM” Button, which opens the OSM page at the position of the map.

This last update has many more new features and bug fixes, I highly recomend to check it out, its still free :slight_smile:

Felix (Twitter: @bucketmangame)

Hei there
Just passed by to tell you about the latest (mega) update of the game.
Now it is possible to upload your current position and share it with your friends. Every uploaded map has its own leaderboard and it is thus possible to figure who is the best in your neighborhood!
I could also increase the performance und switched from 30 to 60 fps, what made the hole game super fluid.

Some bugs were fixed and some new features were included and now its time for me to move on to iOS…

Give it a try, download it and play your neighborhood, upload it and share it with #beatMyMap or #BucketManGame and defeat your crown :wink:

Felix (Twitter: @bucketmangame)

Its been a while.
But I proudly anounce that the game is now available for iOS!!

Find the game here for your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch: