Galileo Offline Maps [iOS]

Hello everyone,

I’m developer of Galileo Offline Maps application. Is there Galileo users? :slight_smile:

We just released new version with offline search and i love to hear some feedback about it from community. Or general feedback about Galileo.

Nice to hear from you, so lets see how to make that new feature popular:

Is that feature already mentioned in our wiki at ?

And I will try to make an entry in the “weekly news” at

From my experience a good app to compare address offline search is Osmand (so far only available on android … iOS release is pending)

I’ll update description according new version features right now. Seems it’s a bit outdated.

That would be great!

That’s was our first version with offline search. So there is no address search yet, only name and category search. We’ll add address search in future updates.

Wiki page is updated.

Interesting project. You may find new opportunities once my ArcGIS tool gets released. ESRI has a free API for File Geodatabases, so you might be able to plugin to a File Geodatabase and use the data extracted through my OSM Renderer for ArcGIS.

Thanks. But we have our own toolchain to extract/process/prepare data for vector maps. And it works well already.