Fun with StreetComplete

Hi All,

Now that all the roads are mapped in my area, I was looking into what I could do next when I decided to give StreetComplete a try. It’s a surprising amount of fun that gets me out on my feet for hours joyfully entering attributes for shops, sidewalks, etc. It also seems to be a very easy way for newcomers to participate in a fun and useful kind of way.

I suggest you give it a go, also works on motorcycles and bicycles!

My plan is to organize a Localization hackathon to get StreetComplete translated into Thai, is anyone interested in participating/helping?

Best Regards

Sadly I am unable to help with translation into that language - but I am glad to hear that it is useful (I am one of contributors to that editor) :slight_smile:

I would encourage to report issues/problems if you spotted something (and is not reported already) at

For example if there are some questions pointless to ask in Thailand and asked anyway. Or some quest blocked in Thailand would make sense to ask there (see quest list in settings). Or you have an idea for a new quest (see and what was proposed already at ).

(I found this post as it was mentioned in OSM Weekly )

I also recommend Mapcomplete, as you have the possibility to localize not only all dialogs but also the different views of the keys and without installing anything.

Now, more than ever, Health and maps (Ara més que mai, Salut i mapes)