Full download of all maps anyone??

Hi all. Has anyone downloaded ALL the osm maps (for use in OsmAnd+ )? I have just bought the program but finding it a long winded exercise to download them all, even with a fast(ish) internet connection. I would be happy to pay a fair price for a dvd or sd card with all the maps on it. I have a paypal account so could pay that way if someone can help. I have been doing it at either
google drive link.
Either way very time consuming and I have other commitments so hoping someone in the osm community can help.
Please email muz92 at yahoo dot com dot au .


My question would be, why? Why not just download the ones you need, rather than downloading all of them?
…or are you planning on aimlessly wandering the planet with your Android and will need all of the maps?

I can see the use. You’d have a map whereever you go, without thinking about where you’re going and whether you need to download the map for that.

Yes, and I’m a map geek as well !!:):slight_smile: