Fuel stations import / Import stesen pam minyak


Ilya Zverev (of MAPS.ME) would like to import worldwide fuel stations, into OSM. There are data that could be imported in Malaysia, and at a glace, so far, they’re Shell stations (you’ll need to sign-in using your OSM account).

Of course, these kind of imports must pass the so-called Community Buy-in. Have a look to inspect some of the data first, and then decide. My personal view that this import gets an OK from me, there is a GUI provided to inspect carefully (if not all) the things in the database.

No worries, chime in for dissent!

This import largely focussed on adding Shell stations that are still not on OSM. On top of that, for those that has been already in OSM; features such as phone numbers and opening hours will also be imported. So, use common sense for this part.

Later edit: read all about this in the Wiki.


Ilya Zverev (terkenal dengan MAPS.ME) berhajat untuk membuat import stesen pam minyak (hampir) seluruh dunia ke dalam OSM, termasuklah stesen Shell di Malaysia.

Sebelum import ini boleh dibuat, kenalah dapat lampu hijau dulu (dari sini misalnya). Secara peribadinya, import ini nampak OK.

Boleh belek data yang bakal diimport terlebih dahulu. Setakat inilah, mungkin ada dua tiga empat, stesen Shell yang belum ada dalam OSM lagi. Tapi yang dah ada dalam OSM dah tu, import ini nanti akan top-up nombor telefon dan waktu perniagaan stesen. Terpulanglah sama ada nak betulkan apa yang patut: ini kena pakai otak ye :slight_smile:

Kalau tak berapa nak setuju, jemput-jemputlah komen kenapa :). Sekian terima kasih.

Pindaan: boleh juga belek tentang import ini dalam Wiki

It saved a lot of works if we have a complete data of all the fuel stations in Malaysia. :wink:

Actually we have an external database provided by a department of our government. License incompatibility means no legal import :frowning:

Must call them because writing e-mails doesn’t really work. Mentioning some staff says that it’s alright to CTRL+C and CTRL+V things is… another challenge.

Maybe also try contact YB Gobind Singh Deo for help to change the license to more community friendly one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Data.gov.my is under MAMPU. No idea it’s under which ministry at the moment, but definitely not under YB Gobind Singh Deo.

I do believe the listing/data/location is available on the companies’ websites. Whether they are up to date is a different matter.

How about now? Any progress?

No updates from the data provider. I’ve already done validations across my state, some in Penang and a few in northern Perak.

Any new progress?
I coincidencely find a list of petrol station in Penang by Penang State Government at data.gov.my. Can these sourcs be input (e.g. Nama Syarikat) into OSM?
URL here:http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-stesen-minyak-di-negeri-pulau-pinang
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-dan-lokasi-stesen-minyak-bagi-kl-dan-selangor (KL and Selangor)

However, more discussion need to be done, perhaps can make an local buy-in sooner. BTW, I am not familiar with JOSM editor (and the import routine) and maybe can make this import by using iD (which is much harder that I though). I am very glad if somebody can perform this import

Other type of Penang State government information can be also considered to make an import.
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-gelanggang-sukan-pulau-pinang (Sport places)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-balai-bomba-di-pulau-pinang-tahun-2017 (Fire station)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pusat-kesihatan-awam-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Clinic)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-klinik-kesihatan-swasta-di-pulau-pinang-tahun-2017 (Private Clinic)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-hospital-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Hospital)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pejabat-konsulat-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Consulate Office)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-restoran-nasi-kandar-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Nasi Kandar)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-restoran-makanan-segera-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Fast Food)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pasar-raya-di-pulau-pinang-tahun-2017 (Supermarket)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pasar-penjaja-di-pulau-pinang-tahun-2017 (Hawker Centre)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-kompleks-penjaja-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Hawker Complex)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pasar-awam-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Public Market)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pos-laju-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Pos Laju)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pejabat-pos-di-pulau-pinang-tahun-2017 (Post Office)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-kedai-24-jam-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Full day convenient mart)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-kompleks-membeli-belah-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Shopping complex)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-pusat-pengajian-tinggi-awam-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Public College and U)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/kilang-industri-berasas-kayu-di-negeri-pulau-pinang (Wood Factory)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-restoran-kopitiam-di-pulau-pinang-tahun-2017 (Cafe)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/lokasi-bank-di-pulau-pinang-tahun-2017 (Bank)

Other useful information
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/direktori-pos-seluruh-malaysia (Post office around Malaysia)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-lokasi-balai-bomba-dan-balai-polis-malaysia (Police and Fire station)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-pusat-membeli-belah-utama-di-kuala-lumpur (Shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-pusat-latihan-jabatan-penjara-malaysia (Prison activity centre)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-institusi-jabatan-penjara-malaysia (Prison Institude)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-pejabat-pengarah-penjara-negeri (Prison Office)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-zon-perdagangan-bebas-mengikut-negeri (Free Trade Zone)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/senarai-zon-perindustrian-bebas-mengikut-negeri (Free Industrial Zone)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/jalan-jalan-negeri-di-negeri-kelantan (State road in Kelantan)
http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/jalan-jalan-persekutuan-di-negeri-kelantan (Federal road in Kelantan)

Extra information:
List of all Malaysian government school, may consider to do an import but need to seek for permission from Ministry of Education. (Note that MOE had been released a list of Malaysian school in data.gov my but** without coordinates** )

Consider this import halted indefinitely. No news from Ilya Zverev and/or data provider.

See this thread from a few years back.

I may be such a complicated person, but somehow if you managed to obtain a written permission to persuade the related governmental entity to allow explicit import from data.gov.my into OSM - then you totally have got my support to begin any work on this import. I’ve done so a few years ago, but I didn’t get a (definite) reply from their side.

Otherwise, these lists are fine. Use them as a guide, and independently ground truth bit by bit a la geocaching. But definitely no straight up simply copy paste here and there.

Just like to bookmark/quote this for future reference. I certainly agree with the bolded text. :wink: