fuel station only for electric bicycles / moped / scooter


I’d appreciate some help in tagging a ‘fuel’ station constructed only for electric bicycles and electric mopeds/scooters. Those stations are already arranged in and around major cities in Austria(Europe). (The company named ‘ElectroDrive GmbH’ is providing them.)

Those stations are rather small and some even installed on pavements: The center ist a rectangular pillar (height approximately 2 meters) with an interface. This pillar is surrounded by poles with (proprietary) power outlets. So if you have a pedelec , an electric scooter or a Segway hired from ElectroDrive you can charge your craft there. A car can’t park there - although there do exist some station where it will be possible in future.


doesn’t realy fit, does it? It’s thought for cars and such. I think it would be better to use something like fuel:electricity=bicyle to distinguish ‘normal’ electric service stations from those small ones unsuitable for cars. Another idea is to add a complete new tag


or just add a simply note?

I know there’s wiki-page ‘proposed tags’ but I’m not sure whether my Idea conforms to OSM’s syntax or not.

Page with small picture of service station (German only)



Man I’m dumb:


You can tag them however you like, but it seems like a good idea so you should probably do down the “proposed features” route to increase the chances of it being picked up by a renderer. This way will also increase its visibility and you will get a better mix of opinions about how to refine the tagging scheme and whether to add a tag to the amenity=fuel set of tags or to create a new one.

I take it you’ve seen these - http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dfuel and http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/fuel?

But here’s my opinion FWIW.

As you say, amenity=fuel is used for petrol stations but these are different.

I didn’t like the idea of amenity=“fuel_pump” at first but in writing this I’ve completely changed my view! Actual pumps are not normally stand alone but they do exist on private land (an ambulance station near where I work has them, for instance). You would need access tags to differentiate your charging points from these private fuel pumps but private fuel pumps are not tagged at the moment at all so this would introduce a nice generalised feature.

See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access for access tags. Personally I’ve never found this page very clear, but I think this is the right tag to use. Even though it states at the top that it’s for ways, the wiki page on barriers refers to it so it must be ok for nodes too.

Interestingly, I’ve spotted “mofa” on the access tag page too. Is that what your scooters are? (http://car.pege.org/classification/slow-small-scooter.htm)

So your charging stations could be:

operator=ElectroDrive GmbH 

and my ambulance station pump becomes:


Not sure of the access tag to use. Does “private” allow for customers of this company or does “yes” mean anyone who is a customer?
Perhaps “refuelling_point” would be a better name as you don’t really “pump” electricity
fuel:electricity=yes format seems to be preferred to fuel=electricity

Yes, I’ve seen those - http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dfuel and http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Prop … tures/fuel and I missed access-tags.

I wouldn’t worry about acces-tags used for nodes - as you mentioned barriers use them too. I think it’s sufficient to distinguish normal petrol stations from those small specialised ones by using access-tags combined with ‘fuel’ types.

To add the information that it’s only useable by customers of the operator I’d use the permissive-tag instead of private - as it is used for parking areas of shops useable only for customers. For the ambulance station private would fit I think.

Thanks for the hint of access-tag ‘mofa’! I think it isn’t thought for scooter. To be strict a mofa (at least in Austria/Germany) is just a motor-assisted bicycle and ‘Mofa’ is a shortcut for ‘Motor-Fahrrad’. Those aren’t really fast (25 km/h), most of them still need you to pedal (so new word is pedelec). In comparison mopeds still resemble a bit of a bicycle but the engine is strong enough to speed up to 45 km/h and you don’t pedal anymore - well as a kick-start you still have to. In Austria Scooter is a rather young term and is used for mopeds completely without pedals old expressions were ‘Roller’ and ‘Vespa’ because company Vespa produced the first (well known) one of this shape. (But scooters can also be motorcyles in the shape of a Vespa and are faster than 45 km/h) Well, telling about beeng strict doesn’t help if most people use those terms synonymous. I’m astonished a German term is used as a tag in OSM?!

Thanks a lot!
Starting now proposed feature process.