Fuel column - wiki

Is fuel column the correct english word for fuel pumps?

If not there should be a red warning in this wiki page. :cowboy_hat_face:

It undoubtedly varies within the English speaking world. In the United States we would call it a gas pump. I am guessing that in other English speaking countries it might be a petrol pump but would be very surprised if the word “column” was used an any.

As a generic world wide understandable term, especially since the liquid could be gas or could be Diesel, I would use “fuel pump”. And there appears to be a wiki page for that too.


A couple of web searches doesn’t find a ready source of people referring to “petrol pumps” as “fuel columns”, though some stock image sites clearly treat it as a synonym. Worryingly this OSM wiki page is the first “definition” that search engines find. Maybe ask the author of that? Clearly an example of citogenesis :slight_smile:


The author is Corsa5 and seems to be Russian.

EDIT: Wiki is adjusted now.

While I do not think that wiki should be spellchecker and raise red warnings just because of that (e.g. many tags make no sense grammatically in English but are just fine to use) , I do agree that man_made=fuel_pump :

I’ve thus updated various related wikis to indicate that man_made=fuel_pump is the preferred usage.