Frikart Maps Update

I’m using the Maps (summer version) and they are the best that i tried by far!!! But since 26, 27 of February 2022 there are no updates! Its everything ok?

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum.

OSM is up and running. As OSM is “just” the database, you should contact Frikart ( about the issue.

Hi PHerison,

thanks for your answer, i have contacted, but the email was returned :

550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: Recipient address lookup failed


Maybe you can reach him via his OSM-Account?:

Typo in the e-mail address! It should read:

Thanks! I will re-sent the email.

I have chatted with the project owner, he fixed the issue and the server is back online!
Thanks to all!!!

How did you get a hold of him? It seems that the maps for Sweden has not been updated since june 2023. I tried to send and email but no answer. Other maps seem to have been updated more recently.

Hi, i have messaged him a couple of times, he have replayed but the project was on hold… I am using OpenTopoMaps now, with a style made my me and i’m happy with it.