Frequency of navigation information sent to garmin

When I use OSM for navigation (usually walking or cycling), the navigation information is also sent to my connected garmin watch (forerunner 45, this is displayed as text information only, like “turn left in 10 meters”)
This is a nice and useful feature, the problem is that such information is sent continuously, every few seconds (and not only when I need to make a turn)
Is there a way to configure how frequently OSM is updating the watch?
I tired various settings, but without success so far.
As it is now it becomes unusable, and I have to either disconnect the watch (loosing some other functionality) or stop using OSM navigation :frowning:

Thanks for the help

which tool/software/device you use?

There are many navigation apps/devices/projects using OSM data

Hi, I think you need to look at the app that is sending the alerts to your Forerunner. Have you got the watch connected (Bluetooth) to a smart phone? OSM wouldn’t be sending the alerts.