Free/Open Alternative to Google Street View for hiking trails

I am looking for a free and open alternative to Google Maps’ street view to which I can contribute data that I have gathered on hiking trails, hopefully something that ties in with OpenStreetMap — if there is such a thing.

Google has famously begun sending teams with their special camera rig into the wild, and while I look forward to viewing the results, that data will be under copyright like everything else, and will not be up for user editing.

I have been collecting GPX data and photos of POIs as I’ve been hiking for the last few years, with the intention of aligning them and representing them in some useful way on a map, perhaps also with a wiki for describing the trails and the places along the way. If there is not such a tool already, I will probably build it myself.

Admittedly this would be a special tool for a narrow use, and I’m personally focused on only one geographical area (although the concept could be applied anywhere and for many other uses). But I would like to start with what is already available, and most importantly: open and not restricted by copyright.

Mapillary looks interesting, but not quite what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any way to see their street-view photos from OpenStreetMap. And it doesn’t have the full functionality that I’m imagining being part of a resource for hikers.

I’ve admired the OpenStreetMap project for a long while, but only recently dug into it as an editor, so my knowledge of what is possible is limited. If anyone has recommendations for where I should go from here I’d appreciated it.

I would recommend to dig deeper in Mapillary,

because that web service is state of the art in these days about geotagged photos in relation to OSM.

From the example map on you have no direct way to the Mapillary content, but you can access whole photo tracks from iD editor, from JOSM editor, or directly from the OSM based map view on

What are you still missing exactly?