Free/Open Alternative to Google Street View for hiking trails

I am looking for a free and open alternative to Google Maps’ street view of hiking trails in Israel, hopefully something that ties in with OpenStreetMap — if there is such a thing.

Google has famously recently completed photographing the Israel National Trail (Shvil Yisrael), and while I look forward to viewing the results, that data will be under copyright like everything else.

I have been collecting GPX data and photos of POIs as I’ve been hiking in Israel for the last few years, with the intention of aligning them and representing them in some useful way on a map, perhaps also with a wiki for describing the trails and the places along the way. If there is not such a tool already, I will probably build it myself.

Admittedly this would be a special tool for a narrow use. But I would like to start with what is already available, and most importantly: open and not restricted by copyright.

I’ve admired the OpenStreetMap project for a long while, but only recently dug into it as an editor. I am hoping to bring improvements to it with the information I’m collecting on the ground, especially as I find inaccuracies in Google Maps and in the Israel Hiking Map ( No disrespect meant to the latter; it’s a wonderful resource and I only seek to help improve it. But I do not see any way to associate photos with a specific location.

Mapillary looks interesting, but not quite what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see anyway to see those street views from OpenStreetMap. And it doesn’t have the full functionality that I’m imagining being part of a resource for hikers.

If anyone has recommendations for where I should go from here I’d appreciated it.

I think mapillary is still your best ootion.
You can see integration with the map here:

Hi @Arabicas_Filerons.
I’m not so sure what exactly you intend to do with the data.
I was thinking not long ago about the fact that IsraelHikingMap does not present images, and that it might be a good idea to somehow allow users to upload images.
Looking at OSM wiki:
Which mean that if you have a server you can upload images and you are willing to enter the data to OSM (upload an image to a server somewhere and link that image in OSM database) I’m sure we can figure an easy way to add it to the IHM site.
Let me know what you think and if it’s not too late.