"free" Navigator 10 by mapfactor.com ... uses OSM data

Can you send me your navigator.log.txt file? Do you use PC, PDA or PND version? It is possible that download of the MCA file was not complete and it is necessary to delete it and start download again. Next version of Setup Utility should be more strict and verify downloaded data.

The log file is send. By deleting the mca file of France and reloading it the problem is solved.
Thanks for the info.
An other request; it would be nice to have the possibility to change the style of the map (colors etc.)

There are actually several map schemes prepared - you can change them by Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Map colour schemes > Day mode United Kingdom, for example. To create your own it is also possible but not trivial …

Regarding the style of the map I was referring to a mapnik or cyclemap like style.
The on-line maps of OSM are very nice rendered.

Hi, I just got Navigator Free installed. Really neat, just what I was looking for!
However, I didn’t see an option for New Jersey. It seems to have about 45 states. Would it be possible to enable the others?
Also, have you considered making the conversion tool available (either to by downloading the tool or by uploading osm files to a web page)?
Thanks a ton!

Hi nafg,
thanks for the first comment to USA/OSM data :). I tried to convert it from planet101103.osm and there were couple boundary problems (see http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/5/processing-planet101103.osm.bz2-status-report/)). I fixed some simple cases (or they were already fixed on-line), but not all yet. I tried New Jersey from planet101201.osm and the problem is still there. Give me some time to investigate the details …
thanks Martin

There are/were at least two problems with New Jersey/USA:

  1. boundary - I added 3 ways to relation, hopefully it is correct (see changeset = ‘6595328’)
  2. there are several nodes exceeding limit per crossing:
    ERROR - max expansion is over limit (25)
    id_junction: 922989537, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989506, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989507, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989540, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989510, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989545, expansion: 95
    id_junction: 922989514, expansion: 95
    id_junction: 922989549, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989518, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989552, expansion: 95
    id_junction: 922989522, expansion: 96
    id_junction: 922989539, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989529, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989532, expansion: 94
    id_junction: 922989534, expansion: 95
    … fixed in changeset='6596235’and changeset=‘6596313’
    now it passed preliminary tests so we will see tomorrow …

FYI usa_new_jersey_osm.mca was successfully created so you should see it after SYNC of servers tonight …

Thanks a ton! I really appreciate it.

Some questions and comments:

  1. What is the reason why it doesn’t have address numbers?
  2. If a change is made on OSM when can the map be updated?
  3. It would be very helpful (especially considering that OSM maps may not be 100% correct, as I experienced today) if the voice would not only announce turn directions, but also street names.
  4. I would like it better if instead of announcing and displaying distance in yards, it would use fractional miles (e.g., .5 miles). This way I can correlate the information with the car’s odometer.
  5. Another enhancement might be, at zoom levels that don’t allow to fit street names inside the street lines, the name could be printed over it horizontally.

If I think of anything else I’ll try to let you know.

Otherwise I’m very excited with it!

The whole processing OSM->MCA is still in progress. We plan to integrate house numbers, but this issue is not straightforward. Hopefully it will be available by the beginning of year 2011.

At the moment the update period is approximately 2 months (it is still partially manual process). If you need update of some particular country let us know.

You can use this, but then you have to use computer generated voice: Settings>Application>English:Synthetized English (or Czech Robot). If you use Windows Vista you can get better voice quality by selection of “Windows default voice”.

I suppose you set US units? Do you use yards at all (say 100 yards)?


Ah, but this is for Windows Mobile. Does that mean it’s not possible with most devices? Besides the fact that most WM devices don’t actually include the Speech API, I tried both “Locale Default” and “Synthetized English” and they didn’t work; only MapFactor Lotta worked.
Recently I was looking for a free speech synthesizer for Windows Mobile, and the only one I found (besides FreeTTS which uses Java) was SmartRead Mobile TTS SDK (http://www.smartysoft.com/smmobile/sdk.html) which I downloaded but haven’t actually tried.


Actually now I’m not so sure it’s free.

That’s strange - “Synthetized English” should work for all: PC, PDA and PND (that’s the reason why we did it, so it is not dependent on windows Speech API). Could you send me navigator.log.txt? Can somebody else confirm that behavior? (the latest tested version was 10.1.35)

Hi Martin,

Thanks for this application. I have just installed it (Garmin Nuvifone M10) and will do lots of testing in Canberra, Australia over the next few days.

I’m sure I will have a lot of questions and comments.

Nick Hocking

me too, i use the Navigator 10 free to anticipate the reaction of Turn-by-Turn algorythm and take primary mesure to avoid the “turn left” when the road have % of degres and the right instruction is “turn right”.

note: on WM6.5.2 (HTC Touch HD), the “locked” screen (to use the navigator on jacket with my bike)…the navigation process STOP immediatly if i haven’t a starting point.

If i use the GPS coordonates and the final destination, then i lock (press OFF), the navigator don’t help me.
If i does a starting point and the final destination and i “lock”, the navigator work very good.

Hi RGPS, I am not sure what do you mean - some kind of a sleep mode of your device? (I suppose you are not talking about “Settings > GPS > Lock on target”, when the Navigator only shows direction to your destination). The destination is necessary for navigation, but I do not see the need for departure … we will try to reproduce it, thanks Martin

the “lock” mode on HTC (Windows Mobile) is when you push the ON/OFF 1 time to “lock” the screen (touchscreen).
as normal way, the screen is “lock” to avoid touch on pocket … and the screen go in “idle” mode (no display but OS alive to ring/email/SMS).

With the Navigator10, the screen is “only” locked and the screen doesn’t go in “idle” mode.

Question: I don’t have the Japan OSM on list and on the world OSM… ? it’s normal ?

Thanks to Stephan75 for the Mapfactor Wiki page & Martin his Post & Fielding questions.

Martin, do you want questions about Mapfactor use here (for exposure) or is there another site to use?



For last 3 weeks I have been looking for any map of Martinique. Finally I’ve found OSM and Free Navigator 10. But unfortunately this good looking program doesn’t contain maps for Martinique - yes, where are other islands from this region like Grenada.

Mapfactor: Can you convert Martinique and if possible St. Lucia and St Vincent-Grenadines ?

I will be grateful :slight_smile: