Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices - Styles not working correctly

With the latest Map version 10-11-18, which I presume to be 10th November, and not 11th October, when requesting the
Generic Routable (new style) of map, it seems to be giving me the first one (i.e Generic Routable).
I think we suffered this problem a month ago, but can’t be sure the maps have changed since then.
And with ref to my first sentence, it would be good if the “Map version: 10-11-2018”, could be displayed in the dd-mmm-yyyy format, if its not too much trouble.

Russ, please email Lambertus because he probably wont read this forum.

Thanks - but I dont see an email for him.

From previous forum messages, I believe Lambertus may be contacted at (osm at na1400 dot info)

You are correct. This forum and Lambertus’ server use Euro date format.

Correct again. Yes, the map has been updated. IIRC the previous one was 18-10.

Good point, for our US friends, at least. However, I have emailed Lambertus and had no reply. Like I said in my email: I assume he is missing, presumed busy.

I knew the day would come, when this useful service will disappear, because it depends on a single person. I fear that day is near.

Kind regards,

We have depended on Lambertus for years to provide free maps that worked in our Garmin devices. I hope he decides to return but if he doesn’t there are at least two workable alternatives to choose from; I’ve been using OSMAnd n my phone for a couple of years and it’s pretty awesome. I paid the one-time $5 USD for the Plus version which provides IIRC one free update of each map (usually for a country or state in the U.S.) per month. A great deal. Then, in order to see edits and additions I was making in OSM more quickly, I subscribed to the OSMAnd Live Updates. I can go for a mapping ride with my GPS and camera as usual, edit and make additions at home, upload them to OSM and within a few minutes after requesting an update, I can see them on my phone. The Live update option costs a whopping $1.09 per month. Once on your phone, you need not be connected to the Internet to use the maps. Everything is run from the maps that were downloaded onto your phone.

The other option is to compile your own maps with the mkgmap program, which is the same program Lambertus uses. Because I prefer to do my routing and data archiving in Basecamp, and because my phone isn’t weatherproof, I continue to use my Garmin Montana on my bicycle and motorcycle. That means I still need Garmin compatibility. I’ve developed some custom styles for ways, areas and POIs that I use for my maps but there is a standard style set that is available from the mkgmap site ( that provide the same look as Lambertus’s maps.

Getting started with mkgmap might seem to be a bit challenging but once you’ve gone through it once it’s no biggie. Stephan guided me through my first attempt and I’m willing to help anyone of you get started if you wish.



I can make my own maps with mkgmap, using the new_style maintained by ligfietser (doing a great job!). I do this occasionally to check my editing in josm. But there is a size limit and once you hit that it requires the use of a tile splitter and at that point it is all beyond me.

Modding the mkgmap config requires the mind of a programmer, but you can download the config files, like you said.

Like you, for the time being I’m stuck with Garmin on my bike. There are other options: waterproof phones or cases. However, putting a phone in a box may cause it to overheat.


I normally avoid the use of splitter by only downloading the part of Thailand I’m working on or traveling in at the time. mkgmap.exe can handle a file (*.osm) of about 800-900 Mb without having to split the file. That 8-900 Mb can take in quite a bit of Thailand. You only need to select your area of interest on the OSM slippy map, download it, and compile.

I’ve used splitter before and it is a bit of a pain, but again, if you can get through the operation once, you can do it again easily. Up to now, I’ve always had a current Lambertus map of Thailand on my device as a backup/reference so if I leave the area covered by my maps I’m not without guidance.


That’s good to know, thanks Dave. I suspect I would have to give it more than the 500MB RAM that I have in my current cmd file.

What problem do you have with splitter?
Did you try this procedure?