free icons for map-ui?

Hy everyone,

currently I’m rewriting the osm-map of searx, using leaflet. I would create an interface, similar to the one which is used on Because of that, I need some flat icons, but I have not found the correct icons for things like the layer-control.

Currently I’m using the Glyphicons Halflings from bootstrap. I looked around, but I haven’t found icon-sets which are focus on map-ui icons, and look similar like the bootstrap icons, and can be used like it (especially routing-icons).

The icon-pack should contain at least things like zoomin, zoomout, layers, and all routing icons like turnleft. The licence should be something cc-by or similar.

So I would ask, if someone know a good icon-pack which can be used, please tell me :).

mfg, pointhi

ever seen … licence is CC0

or have a look at

I don’t search for map-icons, I require icons for the toolbar. Something similar to that buttons:, but in a modern style (single color, like the toolbar icons on