Fraternity Houses


how do I map the Houses of German Fraternitys (Studentenverbindung)?
The wiki or Tagwatch could not help me.
I found a single mapped Fraternity House in Braunschweig, but it hat no special Tags. Just building=yes an opertor=[fraternity_name]
Is there any known way to map Fraternity Houses?

I would go with building=Studentenverbindung, building=student union or building=student fraternity house. Then name=“building name”. I don’t know much about US student frats except what has been said on television from the states, and that’s very different from Swedish student culture. So I don’t want to name the buildings of student organizations as frats, I much rather use the Swedish word for it.

Also the definitions of what student houses are very different from city to city, I’m guessing it’s the same in Germany considering the long history and tradition of german universities. So the big question is what is it you are tagging, and does it need to be international/intercity?

I dont’t think it has to be international. Germany has what we call “Studentenverbindung” (only Austria and Switzerland have the same thing)
I just used the Word “Fraternity” because it’s the best translation.
But in the different German Citys the fraternitys are quite similiar.
So can I just Tag them with building=Studentenverbindung?
Another Question:
If I map the building as Area and only half of the building(German: Doppelhaushälfte) belongs to the Fraternity while the other half is a shop, how do I map that?