france & spain - getting all mechanics along the way - any solution?


new to osm

summertime is here: :slight_smile:

we re travelin through france and spain to Gibraltar this summer - how to get all the car mechanics along the way
any solution thinkable!?:slight_smile:

The best thing I can come up with is via the Overpass API. The Overpass turbo allows you to export the POIs as waypoints for GPS device.
However, It’s based on areas, not on routes.

The following query should take care of it
Move to the area where you want to execute the query and press β€œRun” at the top.

When you have internet connection, you could run it at the moment you’re car breaks down. Not need to download all of them beforehand.

If you can use an android device or an iphone, try the closed-source apps be-on-road or mapFactor Navigator free.

See OSM wiki for more details.

These two apps can use offline map files based on OSM, and they offer a POI search along a calculated route.


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many thanks for the hints - and the great help.

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This is quite easy with the Osmand (android) app. Also replaces any and all other navigating needs.

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many thanks i will have a closer look - thx again


Nooo!! Osmand is NOT able to produce an output with POIs along a calculated route.

Or show me in detail where this feature is hidden, and when it was introduced.