Four projects accepted for Google Summer of Code 2024

Four projects have been accepted for this year’s Google Summer of Code under the OpenStreetMap umbrella:

Contributor Mentors Project title and description OSM project
@Juicio Martin Raifer, Milos Brzakovic, Minh Nguyen Support display of images from Panoramax in iD iD
@PedroMMLeao Minh Nguyen, Martin Raifer Formatted citations in OpenHistoricalMap iD for OpenHistoricalMap
@KY233466 Brian Sperlongano, James McAndrew Colorblind-Friendly Plugin for MapLibre Vector Maps MapLibre
@catme0w Ian Wagner, Jacob F Support navigation in PWAs for Ferrostar Ferrostar

You’ll find a continuously updated version of this table on the accepted projects wiki page. As contributors publish updates on their project progress, we’ll link them from that wiki page as well.

Congratulations and welcome to our GSoC contributors!


In the accepted table of projects before 2023 many projects are marked as not completed. Is this correct?

As far back as I can remember, there were always some successful projects. So if the entire column is blank, that just means we forgot to update the wiki after that year’s GSoC ended. (Sorry! :sweat_smile:)