Four projects accepted for Google Summer of Code 2023

Four projects have been accepted for this year’s Google Summer of Code under the OpenStreetMap umbrella:

Contributor Mentors Project title and description OSM project
DW Chung Siarhei Fedartsou, Nils Nolde OSRM Python Bindings OSRM
Junzhen Lou Kevin Kreiser, Nils Nolde Proposal for Landmark-based Navigation in Valhalla Valhalla
Miku Sarah Hoffmann, mtmail Improving Japanese Search Capability: Adding Japanese Morphological Analysis Functionality Nominatim
@Sarabjeet_Sodhi Simon Poole, Taylor Smock Support Vespucci preset extensions in JOSM JOSM (and Vespucci)

You’ll find a continuously updated version of this table on the accepted projects wiki page.

Congratulations and welcome to our GSoC contributors!