Found a site incorrectly attributing to OSM but can't find contact...

I found a website that has an option to use OSM as their base map, but defaults to using G**gle as their base map.

However, when choosing OSM as the base slippy map, I see

“G**GLE … Image may be subject to copyright.”

at the bottom of their map, implying they’re attributing the map to G**gle instead of Openstreetmap.

I believe this is an accidental oversight and don’t really want to flog them out. I do want them to continue to use OSM, but I could not find a contact to point out the mistake.

How should one proceed from here? Please send a private message if you want to know the website - I really don’t want to generate a lot of hate to them as they aren’t doing the website for pecuniary interest and they have no reason to attribute incorrectly - as far as I know they don’t work for G**gle.