Forums governance team meeting - 2022-08-31

A @forums-governance team meeting will take place on 2022-08-31T15:00:00Z


  • Agreement on old forums migration next steps
  • Moderation selection criteria proposal review
  • New forums visibility/promotion status
  • Visibility of country categories

Attendees: @Firefishy @Tordanik @nukeador

Decision on old forum migration next steps

The data migration from the old forums is expected to finish by the end of September, progress and technical questions can be followed in this github issue.

After reviewing the technical status of the old forums and the migration work, an agreement was made:

By September 30th 2022 the old forums will be retired, communities will be actively asked to request a category in the new forums as soon as possible to be able to define their moderators in advance. An announcement will follow in this forum and the old one, as well as communications on all proper OSM channels.

New forums promotion status

A github issue was created to gather every place that needs to be updated and follow progress.

Moderation selection criteria

A proposal will be shared this week, including information about requirements to be a moderator, process to suggest new ones, a proposal for health-checks and how the communities can own this process themselves.

Proposal published for discussion

Visibility of country categories

There was no time to cover this topic during this meeting and will be moved to the next one.


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