Speatz has been working on a forum page. It looks nice, but it would seem rather pointless starting over and loosing already discussed things, which people can search through. I’d suggest merging the two if this is possible. Keep lambertus moderating it (if you want to) and move the users/posts/images, but put it on the .dev which gives more people the abilty to access/improve it if nessessery.

I agree with you Ben, I’m busy at work as well as at home not able to do any real work on the forum apart from responding to questions. Spaetz’ forum has the big advantage of using the same login as on the openstreetmap domain. A topic about the forum was started on the mailing list recently but died before any decisions were made.

Is it posible to talk about shifting the content of this forum over so it starts using the same login and uses the better address? Personally I don’t have any issue with having different login’s, and/or the address, but some people wouild find it easier. It’s not particually surprising that an ML discussion died before anythign came of it though.

Number 1 thing OSM should do is to forward towards this forum (I have requested this multiple times). This will ensure newbies are able to find this forum more quickly.

Next is to move this forum to one of OSM’s servers, although it doesn’t really matter where the forum is physically when the domain name is the same. Having the same logon as the frontpage is a nice thing to have, but certainly no showstopper.

ok. so why dont we currently have is there still any progress about it?

id be reading the forum more frequently myself if i could remember the adress.

(sometimes talking to a dev would be really nice … but since i dont like mailing lists at all there are not many oppurtunities … but thats another topic :wink: )

Yes, the topic on the mailinglist about this forum has recently flared up again. No conclusions yet though. Whatever happens the main communications platform for OSM is, and will be for a long time, the mailing lists. Especially with regard to development subjects. Like it or not.

I do see the pointing towards this forum rather soon though. If this forum is still hosted here or that it is moved somewhere else is of no concern to me, as long as the forum is easily accessible (e.g. through an easy to remember DNS name).

Finally a breakthrough: The DNS records for have been adapted to point to this website. I will move the forum to the correct position as soon as possible (i.e. this evening).

The forum has been moved to the new subdomain and should be fully functional

Thanks Lambertus. Good stuff!