Forum ranks

The forum ranks are boring, it’s good to have this clear, but my fantasy isn’t that vivid :slight_smile:

Rank title Minimum posts
New Member 0
Member 10
Senior Member 100
Super Senior Member 1000
OSM Addict 2500
Elite Member 5000

Who has a cool new proposal?

PS. There’s one user with > 5000 posts and 10 with > 2000 posts, so let’s define a list up to 10.000 posts

I don’t know whether it’s cool - I just collected some ideas related to mapping:

Map Gazer - 0
Mapper - 10
Experienced Mapper - 50
Advanced Mapper - 100
Professional Mapper - 250
Senior Mapper - 500
Super Mapper - 1000
Mapping Addict - 2500
Living Globe - 5000

Living Globe - Hahahah :slight_smile:

Nice list! Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Well I guess we need something between
Super Mapper - 1000
Mapping Addict - 2500
(maybe because this is my stand :wink:

So how about
Support Gold Member - 2000

Do you really think, we need more ranks? Why? It’s not the number of posts that is important but the quality of the posts! We shouldn’t call for more and more unnecassary or even foolish posts by introducing new ranks.

Of course, you are right that forum ranks indicate not much more then someone is posting a lot. But does this mean we can’t have cool rank post-count indicators? As your subscript says: Immer Spass haben…

I don’t think people will rank hunt anymore then they do now and, if a few do, what’s the harm?

But now the “super senior” is the end of the line. When you have reached it there is no more reason to write more posts than interest. This will change when there are more ranks you can climb up. And I don’t want to get posts just for a higher count of posts. And I’m quite sure this will come after introducing new ranks …

I don’t know, but I’ve never posted extra posts to climb in ‘rank’. The higher ranks needs increasing amounts of posts to increase the rank. The idea that someone would be e.g. adding 1000, 2500 or 5000 posts just to get the higher rank seems unbelievable to me.

Never underestimate a true posting addict :wink: I don’t know whether it also applies to forums like this one, but I know that there are chat providers where things such as online minutes, “virtual hugs” and so on are counted - and there are people who spend months online just to get into the higher ranks…

That is just sad. I really hope they will advance to a more meaningful life at one point.

Anyway, us OSM-ers are way to busy to get highscore ranks in the daily edit and GPX upload stats or ODBL ranks then to have no life but posting on this little forum. Right?

Anyone out there with nice rank postcount-group ideas?