Forum make over?


Who is in charge of this forum?

Is there a mobile version planed aka design make-over? Or integration on tapatalk?


I think user Hakuch is the most technically savvy on this forum, ask him please:

Yes please!

It seems like there are some other themes that are usable for mobile too. that seems to be one popular one, at least it was.

Any chance to integrate at least some Themes so people can try it out? I mean, it seems like there are converters for phpBB too, but i don’t think are going to go that way?)

Please also contact Hakuch directly about that.

Looks like he’s also planning a re-style with this github issue: But that’s in a repo related to migrating from fluxbb->phpbb, so a bigger project. I see he’s talked a little bit about the current ‘stuck in a kind of transition’ state of the forum in this post.

I’m happy to announce, i adopted Victory and made a new Style and it should be available with the name “Air3”. I used Victory and Air as base for it and tried to stick as much as possible to Air with it but it is now a responsive design (most work done by the guy who made Victory, tbh).

And this is probably where you can check the result and comment here:

If that is OK, it would be used for this forum.

I would like to extend the test-range at first to the german forum as well to see if some changes would be needed to made. But if you like it already, you are free to change it. (Would be honored!)

The recently suggested changes just affect ultra-widescreens and something minor on smartphones. Report problems please on the github page or here. (English welcome!)

EDIT: FYI: If you change it to default it affects all new users, all existing users need to reset it manually.


Happy for me if you set the style now default. Changed some small things. After the change it should now also be possible to see the forum properly as guest on the smartphone as well.

The new responsive Air3 style has been set as default for the forum. Thanks, Negreheb, for your work on this!