Forum blocked today. No attack, only technical problems..

Message from Forum Administrator:


Thanks for contacting me. Be assured that you have not been banned! The
message was caused by a technical error.

*Sequence of events:

  1. The ip address of the forum was being forwarded by a NAT migration
    server of the hosting company to a new server. From the forum point of
    view every request originated from this NAT IP address.
  2. I banned a spammer this morning but the stored IP address of that
    spammer was actually the IP address of the NAT migration server.
  3. The spam system now blocked everyone because everyone is visiting the
    forum via this NAT server.
  4. The problem was fixed by pointing the DNS to
    the correct IP address.*

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Lambertus IJsselstein
OpenStreetMap forum admin

Ja, ich habe ein E-mail geschickt und habe genau dieses Antwort bekommen