Forking/Building an alternative of

The website seems abandoned and unmaintained. The owner is not responding to mails or any other notifications.
I was wondering what is needed to setup an alternative of the website.

So far, I found but this can’t be it.

It would be nice if someone can help me out with this. Maybe together we can create an alternative.

I don’t know of a direct replacement, but lists a few download sites.

It has been in that state like probably a decade in the mean time, in the past it just used to get a kick now and then.

I believe Stereo was the last person to look at it in any depth, I’ll point him here.

Thanks Simon. Unfortunately I have no need for custom Garmin maps beyond openfietsmap, or time to work on them. Stefan, who admins, said he would be willing to point the domain at another service, but so far nothing has materialised.

Thank you for this reply. I’ll wait a few weeks. Pointing to another website isn’t the solution. It would be nice that we can create maps from
regions again. I.e. I live in the Netherlands and sometimes cross the border with Belgium/Germany, but I don’t need all of Belgium and Germany, just the border regions :-).

Have a look add

Maybe that can work out for me with writing some script around an API. Not very end user friendly.

"Area too large. Max file size: 128 MB. Please zoom in! You may also download pre-extracted areas from other services or try out the extract pro service"

I would be happy to help when there are any problems with the tools splitter or mkgmap.

As far as I know all the scripts from Lambertus are on the server. I dont know if Stefan can give you permission to copy those scripts. I also know the owner of the Wuppertal server where all the files are uploaded to, maybe you can also use the NLUUG server where my files are hosted, so hosting wouldnt be an issue I guess.

It would be nice to look at these scripts. I can also offer some resources for this.