Forestry road

Good morning everyone,

one of the main problem in canada for the forestry road, theres alot of them and they dont show on many map.

would there be a better solution to define them insted of the Highway=track?

some time an unpaved wya will be a primary road for a alot of community.

thank you

First, this is something that would need to be dealt with by the map creators, not us. However, in my experience, most map renderings show highway=track at some level.

There was actually a recent discussion related to tracks in Canada here. One contributor has a different interpretation of the documentation, but in general forestry roads can be tagged as follows:
-Typical forestry road (wide enough to drive a truck on, but may be unpaved and very rough): highway=track + track_type=[one of the grades]
-Major forestry road (referred to as a “Main” or “Mainline” in BC; generally better maintained, wider, and smoother than the tracks): I generally use highway=unclassified, since that’s the next more major highway type above track.