We have 473 ford=level_crossing around the world. That’s a bit beyond “obvious typing error” level. Does anyone know what it means? Was it documented once?

Looked at a few of them & they appear to just normal fords - the road & the “river” are at the same level, so when the water is high, there’s water across the road?

Wonder if people think that “ford” is mainly intended for foot traffic & this would be better for vehicles?

Or they’ve looked at the illustration of stepping-stones & thought that something is needed for normal flat road?

Not sure but it comes up as a suggested value in the dropdown menu for ford in iD, just from being one of the more popular values. So mappers haven’t necessarily typed it deliberately, they could have just selected it because they thought it was the best fitting option.


The one in Poland looks like regular ford, added by newbie.

I opened Note: 4032617 | OpenStreetMap and wrote to mapper.

In general it looks like a duplicate of ford=yes to me

Not sure if it is the fitting tag for a swimming pool which you can walk through? :laughing:

Dies scheint offensichtlich ein Fehler zu sein.