Footways wide enough for emergency vehicles (outside urban buildup)


There is some unclarity, how to map ways like this one. It is

  • designated for pedestrians (with bikes de-facto allowed. But for the sake of simplicity let’s just treat it as a footway. Debating which bike tag is correct is an interesting, but separate, discussion.)
  • not allowed to motor vehicles
  • but >4m wide
  • and hence passable by emergency and service vehicles
  • covered with fine-gravel
  • outside urban buildup

Ground imagery:

What is the correct highway=* tag for this?

  • highway=footway + width=*
  • highway=track + foot=designated + motor_vehicle=no
  • highway=service + foot=designated + motor_vehicle=no
  • highway=pedestrian
  • Other (please comment)
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Definitely highway=footway or highway=pedestrian. highway=track should be used only for ways that access fields and forests used mostly by tractors and other agricultural vehicles.

Tag emergency=yes should be added too.

What about: highway=path indicates a generic path that is used by pedestrians, small vehicles like bicycles, and/or animals.

@nukeador Why do polls not sum to 100%?

Thanks a lot everybody!