Footway=crossing way segments for highway=service and highway=foot way intersections

Hi everyone, I noticed that a lot of highway=crossing nodes (example: node 11137444633) that are used for intersections between highway=service and highway=footway do not have a separate way segment for the crossing, footway=crossing. In comparison, highway=crossing (node 11137444631) that is used for the highway=residential and highway=footway intersection, exists a footway=crossing way segment (way 1201217005).

For intersections between highway=service and highway=footway, are footway=crossing way segments not required?

If a sidewalk is mapped as a separate way, it should become a highway=footway footway=crossing way anywhere there’s a highway=crossing node for consistency. In that case, the crossing node is mainly there for backwards compatibility. However, it isn’t always necessary to map a crossing at all when a service road and sidewalk intersect. Here’s another thread about this topic:

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I believe it’s not a question whether it’s required or not, but rather a question of effort and benefit.
So the main benefit is to have a warning for the cars and adding detailed information like kerb,… to the sidewalk. Both are not that much of a benefit on highway=service, as usually the sidewalk just continues and the cars are not that fast/paying attention anyway.

footway=crossing footway=sidewalks segments are optional detail that may, but not must be, added to higway=footway or highway=path or highway=cycleway representing sidewalks.

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