Foot traffic map/layer for US [cities]

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I’m new to this forum; apologize in advance if I’m posting in the wrong category.
I’m looking for an OSM layer (or any other map) that shows foot traffic data in US cities (especially larger cities). Does anyone know anything?

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What does that mean? Likely no retail product map will have pedestrian traffic flow data.

Basically what I’m looking at is a map that shows how busy a street is in terms of pedestrian movement (i.e. foot traffic) during different times of the day (or just overall). The closest thing I found are maps like this but these kinds of maps are only showing foot traffic for large areas, and not for each street.

Such data doesn’t exist in almost all places in the first place. Let alone integration with a map or app.

OpenStreetMap has no traffic data, pedestrian or otherwise

you can try to derive something from footway/pedestrian road/sidewalk tagging and POIs.

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Tracestrack has an example of integration with TomTom vehicular traffic feed TracesMap

How come no map exist for this? Isn’t the data prevalent for pedestrians walking on streets?

It likely exists, but traffic data is not part of OSM dataset

It has low retail consumer usefulness, and very high market value / cost. Very expensive to get some coverage. It will rely on anonymized mobile location data, which is difficult to obtain, and a high market entry barrier. Or eg this German company uses laser , but already not very cheap to get historic data , meaning you have to record a year’s worth impractically, and unlikely compatible license for the free plan from the “private use” wording.
If the city provides live data feeds from pedestrian (and usually bike) counters, an app still has to integrate it. Again, high effort, low return.

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The answer varies by location, of course, but where I am in the UK the answer is mostly “no”. If I walk from north to south into town (maybe 300 routes in total?) only 2 or 3 measure non-motor traffic.

That’s public data of course - any widely used phone app with location permissions could make a guess, but that data is only available if you pay for it.