Foot Mode Creation for visually challenged individual


I’m testing OSRM, service direction, but I’m unable to understand the different options well.
See below one URL of test :


I would like to obtain the shortest way possible, I thought that it was possible to use the “walking way” in the foot mode.

Since my work is to obtain shortest possible roads for the visually challenged people, so how could I change the drive way to the foot mode .

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nandana,
So if you read the OSRM api documentation you may be able to see profile use to get the route either from car , bike or foot in this way you can get the path for the “walking way”.
I’m attaching the image you can refer, hope this helps.

Then it might possible for that there drive and walking route is same, you can test this on osm-demo
I have tested this, I’m attaching couple of images for different route profile on same path.

Bike Route

Walking route

Thanks for your feedback!