Foot (GraphHopper) direction ignores elevation data

Hi, i really love OSM, especially for its high number of documented hiking trails – at least in the Alps.
While planning a hiking tour i found that the elevation data is only taken into account with bicycle (GraphHopper) but not with Foot (GraphHopper).
An example:
Distance: 10.0km. Time: 2:39. ** Ascend: 2001m**. Descend: 65m.

In reality this tour would be about 5 hours (on steep trails you have an elevation gain of about 400 meter/hour instead of 4km/hour.

Does anyone know what’s holding OSM back from taking into account the elevation data provided by grapphopper for foot directions? And do you know who is dedicated to this part of the OSM project?

I really hope, this feature will be added soon, since OSM is simply the best map for walkers!

As far as I know the calculation you refer to is provided by Graphhopper, not OSM. I don’t think it is “part of the OSM project” in the sense of being part of the core infrastructure, although of course it uses OSM data. Maybe the documentation or forums at would have more information.

Thanks for the hint. I posted on Graphhopper Forum:

If someone has further information about the topic I am very grateful.