Flooding around Lake Skutari in Osmarender


a few days ago I changed Lake Skutari, the River Drin connecting it to the sea and a few connected rivers and lakes from natural=coastline to natural=water (lakes) and natural=riverbank (riverbanks). I also changed any islands in these lakes and rivers from coastline to natural=land and added the appropriate multipolygon relations. Since then most (but not all) tiles around the lake shoreline and rivers are “flooded” in Osmarender (see http://osm.org/go/xef0zL?layers=0B00FTF)).

What I tried so far without success:

  • Searching for any remaining islands tagged with coastline. The JOSM search function does not find any (or I am to stupid to use it)
  • Reduced the complexity of the lake shoreline, going down below 1000 nodes
  • added a way tagged as river in between the riverbanks
  • split up the lake shoreline into several sections that are connected as multiple outer members of a multipolygon; all sections are less than 600 nodes now

I am now out of ideas what else to check. Does anyone have an idea as to the cause of the problem?

maybe this helps:



not really, as it describes problems with coastline rendering. In this case I changed the inland features from coastline to natural=water or waterwey=riverbank, so there is no more coastline here. The remaining coastline is now closed at the actual sea coast, and that area is being rendered ok. So the “flooding” appears to be a problem with lake or riverbank rendering.

Yes, but I guess the land/sea/mixed flag is wrong.

See the README file here:



Do you have the right direction for the ways (water on the right side) ?

@Nightdive: directions of ways are okay, these are mostly the former coastline ways.
@chris66: looks like you are right; the png shows a few “inland ocean” tiles in the general area. Now I have to identify the right ones …

Got it, this is indeed the problem. Will send change requests.

I have been working on the mapping of the flooding here :

Please help out! there is alot to do.

I have put a request to correct the oceantiles file on the TilesAtHome Mailing List.

Lets see how long it takes until the clients are updated.